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Managing Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal emotion just like happiness or sadness and some anxiety in life is normal. It's okay to feel anxious about that exam or presentation you have to give, try these top 3 tips on dealing with it. However if your anxiety is affecting you on a daily basis you may want to seek further support.

  1. Breathe! Anxiety and the panic that follows activates the bodies fight or flight system. By controlling your breathing and settling it back into a normal rhythm prevents the fight or flight. Notice your body expanding as you inhale and deflating as you exhale.

  2. Question what you are thinking. Is the anxious thought a logical thought or irrational? If it's irrational you may be getting anxious for nothing. Are you trying to predict a negative outcome, are you being realistic?

  3. Face the fear. Don't avoid what you are anxious about otherwise the anxiety will grow. Try facing your fear in small, manageable steps. You will feel anxious but the fear will gradually reduce the more times you try to face it

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