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Individual Counselling

Life is full of challenges, experiences and events that we have to deal with but at times these can feel difficult to cope with. Some people may feel stuck and unable to move forward, some may feel lost or alone with a difficult decision or some may feel unable to adapt to a change or loss.


When we feel like this it can be useful to talk to friends or family but sometimes that can be hard as we don't want to worry or upset them, or we may feel that they won't understand. That's when it can be easier to talk to someone who is independent or outside of the situation.


Counselling will provide you with a safe space to talk with a person who will not judge, criticise or tell you your decision is right or wrong. I believe that we all have an inner ability to find our own answers and solutions and to be able to make changes, but at times we need a little help to do so. By accessing this website you have already taken the first step.

New Growth
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