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Should I take medication for depression and anxiety?

One question I have been asked repeatedly is "do I think medication should be taken for mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety or is counselling alone enough?"

My answer to this question is always the same "how do you feel about it?"

There are some people who feel medication is not the way forward for them. They may believe that making changes in their lifestyle, exercise, diet, positive thinking, alternative medicines or therapies are all that is needed to get through and this is enough and that's great for them.

For others medication is a necessity. Their depression or anxiety is at such a level that it has encroached on their entire world and is hindering their daily lives. Anti depressants or anti anxiety medication may give them the help needed to help clear the fog, keep the black dog from around their necks, keep that anxiety voice at bay whilst they work through things with professional support from GP's, Counsellors or Psychiatrists.

I believe that each person I meet or work with is a unique individual, living within their unique world with an equally unique set of values, beliefs and problems. Therefore whether or not medication is the right decision is as unique a decision to the person as they are. I have worked with people who haven't taken medication and talking therapy was enough but for others medication was needed just to give them breathing space from the crushing feelings of depression and anxiety were causing.

So if your wondering about taking medication yourself talk to your GP, ask yourself "how do I feel?" Do you feel able to cope without or would medication help to lighten the load? Has your condition been improving or continuing to deepen? What does your gut instinct tell you to do? Just because you may know someone who did something different doesn't mean it will be right for you. You are an individual and you need to follow the right path for you. When it comes to medication and treatment it really isn't one size fits all!

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