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When Christmas is a struggle...

Whilst we enjoy the Christmas holidays it's sometimes easy to forget that it's not so fun for everyone. Okay it's a nightmare buying the gifts, wrapping them, making sure everything is ready, it's stressful for the chef stuck in the kitchen on Christmas day, but what about those that struggle in other ways?

Those who may not be able to buy the gifts because of financial difficulties, the sadness of loved ones no longer with us to celebrate, the difficulties of splitting yourselves in blended families to ensure no-one is left out and everyone is visited, the struggle for recovering alcoholics when alcohol is a big part of the festivities and the effort it takes for those having to face the family celebrations when struggling with depression. People that maybe put on a brave face but really behind it they are feeling anything but festive.

If we can recognise our loved ones who may need the extra support, a bit of TLC, some compassion and understanding or even just a hug, then maybe we can all enjoy Christmas just a little more.

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