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Anxiety - is it taking over?

"I've done that wrong...., I shouldn't have done that......., I should have done this......, What if?.........., Is that correct?..........Now that's going to happen......." Recognise any of these? Some anxiety IS nomal Anxiety is an emotion that we will all experience at some point in our lives. It is normal to worry about a job interview or an exam. It is normal to be anxious in certain situations such as hospital appointments, getting married or the first time our children go to a sleepover. Although it may cause us a small amount of distress we can control it, we can put it to one side or deal with it. But what if we can't?

When Anxiety affects your everyday life For some, anxiety takes over and interferes with everyday life. Some people may worry about something specific but for others they may worry about any and everything, "did I switch the cooker off? Have I done that right? Should I have said that?" A small concern or worry is given more and more time and thought so it gets bigger and the bigger it gets the more they worry and so the cycle begins. It starts to control them, become the bully on their shoulder, a little voice that wears them down. They may be able to pinpoint where that anxiety comes from, they may not but that anxiety may stop them making decisions, going places or avoiding certain situations. It will affect their social and work life and may start to affect them physically causing tiredness, sleep problems, tension, upset stomach and headaches.

What to do when Anxiety takes over If you feel that your anxieties are taking over it's time to ask for help. Talk to your GP, seek some counselling but don't let it continue. You can take back control, banish that little voice and live your life as you want to.

Anguish by Porsche Brosseau

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