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Afraid to make a change? Don't fear let it hold you back...

Is there something in your life that you know you need to change? How do you feel about making that change? Are you keen and able to take that step or is something holding you back?

Life is full of challenges, ups and downs, rarely is it plain sailing but that's life. Some changes we have no control over such as illness, bereavement or job redundancy for example. They are unexpected, can be unsettling, make us feel anxious, stressed or upset. We adapt, grieve, adjust our lives to these changes and move forward.

However some changes aren't out of our control to make but something stops us making it. It may be an unhealthy relationship, a job we feel stuck in, we may feel life is stuck in a rut in general. We know the situation isn't good for us yet we feel we are unable to change it. It may be affecting us mentally and physically, anxiety, depression, tiredness, stress, upset, angry, we may dread each new day arriving; but why don't we change it?

It may be fear that stops us changing. What will happen next? Is it the right decision or what if it's wrong and it'll make things worse? Is there a fear of judgement from others? Will people look at us as weak, a failure, unable to cope? Do we worry about letting people down? Do we feel particularly loyal to a job or person but is that loyalty misguided as it's causing more harm than good?

If you recognise any of these feelings but don't feel able to talk to those around you, having the space with a counsellor to explore your situation, without judgement, could help. With support you could make the necessary steps to make that change. It takes real strength to realise your needs and put yourself first. It takes courage to see that through but you can change your life for the better!

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