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#itsnotok : Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2017

The issue of sexual abuse and sexual violence is increasingly being brought to society's attention It can be tough to face the issue, it may be easier to turn away and not listen or to have those conversations. However it takes true bravery for survivors to find the courage to speak up and report the abuse they have suffered, and unless discussions are had how can we stand up for the survivors and work to prevent it happening to others?

There are many amazing charities and organisations that work with survivors, I have mentioned many of them in previous blogs and on my useful links page. However the 6th February sees the start of sexual abuse and awareness week with a campaign called #itsnotok. It's a campaign to encourage members of the public alongside statutory and third party organisations to have these discussions, raise awareness and look at ways of how to prevent it. So please check out the link below if you want to get involved and show your support, because abuse is not ok!

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