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Transgender: Does your birth gender match how you feel inside?

What does your gender mean to you? Do you identify as the biological sex you were born as? Do you feel that your gender identity is different from your birth gender?

Gender Dysphoria is where a person's birth gender does not match how they feel inside, or they feel neither male or female, or a mix of the two or can be both at once. Terminology in the transgender field is constantly changing as people's understanding of gender variance and non conforming gender expressions change. The term trans* person is used in the broadest sense so it is inclusive of all trans and non-binary presentation.+

If you are a trans*person reading this, hopefully you have a good support network around you who have respected your right to be addressed as you self-identify, regardless of your age, are using your preferred name and pronouns and are beside you through your transition. Unfortunately there are some people that may not understand or offer support and regrettably some trans* people experience bullying, discrimination and hate crime. Low self-esteem, depression, self-harm and addictions are common among trans* people too. There are many great resources and charities that offer help and support not only to trans* people, but parents, family members alongside teachers, GP's and other professionals some of which are listed below:

+ cited from Gires

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