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Relationship problems: Make some time to put them right

Valentines Day, the one day of the year when relationships are the focus, a day where traditionally lovers declare their undying love and a day when many proposals are made.

For some people though, this is a day where they find themselves reflecting on all the different types of relationships that they are in whether that is with a partner or spouse, work colleagues, friends, neighbours or associates. How a person feels about themselves can really impact how they are within a relationship. For example ask yourself, what role do I play in my relationships? Am I stuck in a relationship that isn't healthy for me or are there issues that need addressing? Am I in a long term relationship that maybe could benefit from some self-reflection and self-development? Are there parts of me that I could work on that would benefit some if not all of my relationships?

Counselling isn't just useful for dealing with specific issues. It can give you the space you need to look at yourself and embark on some self-development without the fear of judgement, the time to address parts of you that you may feel uncomfortable discussing, without the fear of criticism and the chance to possibly learn new things about yourself that you were unaware of. This could all have a real positive impact on all of the relationships you are in.

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