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Emotions aren't always what they seem

Have you ever considered just how complex our emotions are? For just a minute think of the last time you were angry. What were you angry for? Was it because you actually were angry or was that anger masking something unmet need? Feeling scared? Hurt?

Think about the last time you cried. Tears of sadness? Laughter? Rage?

The last time you laughed was that in amusement, embarrassment, nervousness or was it a self defense mechanism in action?

Then there's the very close link between love and hate. In the words of Juliet "My only love sprung from my only hate!"

But then there's the times we feel nothing at all; numbness. Was that through shock, disbelief or because to feel nothing is easier than facing the pain?

So with this in mind, how often are the emotions we feel or express, in the present moment, really just masking what we are truly feeling? Sometimes, on reflection, we may realise what was actually going on for us but sometimes we just can't. Sometimes our emotions and behaviour just confuse us further. Isn't it any wonder that at times we may just need a little help, the space and time to understand what is really going on for us?

Different emotions as portrayed in Disney Pixar's Inside Out

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