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When Alcohol is difficult to escape...

Have you ever noticed or even stopped to consider just how much alcohol is around us? Think about the amount of times you see, hear about, read, buy or drink alcohol in a week. Think about it there's the adverts and articles on the radio, TV and in newspapers, the wine menus in restaurants, supermarket wine sections, it's even sold in petrol stations. Socially alcohol is accepted as a way to unwind after a hard days work, a catch up with friends maybe in a pub, alcohol plays a part in celebrations, birthdays, weddings, to bring in the New Year even to commiserate. It's all around us.

With this in mind consider just how hard it is for individuals whose lives are affected by alcohol, how much motivation and will power it takes to fight the urge to drink when alcohol is present in so many parts of our everyday life. How much courage, strength and determination is needed when battling an addiction. What a hard journey it is to travel.

If you or someone you know is being affected by alcohol, there are many great organisations to gain help and support alongside your GP, a few are listed below. The National Association for children of alcoholics 0800 3583456 or

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