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Anger - How do you feel about it?

When you think of anger what comes to mind? Shouting? Swearing? Outbursts of unacceptable behaviour? The colour red maybe? A physical feeling like being hot or sweating? For each of us it will depend on our personal experiences of it and anger certainly gets negative feedback.

However anger is a normal healthy emotion just like happiness or anticipation for example. It is an emotion that reacts quickly to certain situations, in the present moment. It can protect us and maintain our personal boundaries if expressed in a respectful way. The presence of anger though may be a sign that we are not getting a need met or that something needs to be addressed. You may feel angry but not sure why. It is important that our anger is acknowledged and explored not just suppressed. It may be masking underlying feelings such as fear or hurt. Either way talking about it can only be a good thing!

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