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The Client's Chair

What's it like in the client's chair? Do I have to lie on a brown leather couch? Does it mean I'm crazy? I bet the counsellor has heard it all before, my problems aren't that bad, it's in the past I should be over it by now.... All thoughts that may run through our heads whilst making a decision about contacting a counsellor, thoughts that may even stop us.

Making the initial contact with your chosen counsellor is the hardest but the first step. Walking through the door brings the nerves and anxiety. Sitting in the chair brings the thoughts, do I like this person? Can I trust them? Am I safe to open up? Where do I start? Will they believe me?

Going to counselling isn't easy. There may be moments that are painful, embarrassing, shameful, times you want to run for the hills and not return. You may feel exhausted and drained, like you're turning yourself inside out. But slowly you start to feel different, start to notice changes in yourself, the way you think, feel and act as you explore, address the issues that brought you here in the first place and look deeper if you want to. You may go backwards and forwards or round in circles but slowly as you work your way through you start to feel lighter, relieved and some will say empowered. You may even look forward to that session that some have described as "time for me".

Being in the client's chair is certainly a unique experience, a journey, but one that if you're ready to embark on can have life changing effects.

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