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Surviving Abuse

"And then the day came When the risk it took to remain as tight as a bud Was more painful than The risk it took to blossom"

cited in "Strong at the Broken Places - overcoming the trauma of childhood abuse" by Linda Sanford

For survivors of abuse, it takes real courage and an inner strength to finally face what has happened to them, to begin to repair the damage, to start to heal, to "blossom". The road may be long and painful, the journey may take the form of long term therapy or therapy in small chunks, whichever works for the individual. Either way that journey needs to be at a pace that is manageable even if that is just one small step at a time.

If you are a survivor wanting to try therapy finding the right counsellor is vital. It is important that your counsellor is one that you can trust although it may take time for that trust to build, one that will stand beside you and face those dark moments with you, one that will accept you as you are feeling in that moment, one that will offer the respect, compassion and understanding without judgement as you find your way through. Even if the first counsellor you try isn't right for you, don't give up, try another. Healing is possible, you deserve to and you can move forward, you are a survivor!

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